How to take your measurements


We are going to need:

1 tape measure, centimeter or meter depending on the country where they are located, it can be in cm or inches, depending on the measurement system you normally use. Ideally someone else should take the measurements for us. If it is not possible we will do it ourselves.

A - Bust contour

Place the centimeter or meter, the measuring tape, around the bust in the most prominent part of it. For this, the ideal is to use a bra that does not have fillings that can alter that measure. Use a bra that allows us to obtain the most realistic possible measurement of the dimension of our chest. There we take the measure.

B - Under bust

A line that passes where just our bust ends. In that line we locate the centimeter and take that outline. That is the underbust measurement.

C - Waist

We have to take into account that the waist is not taken from the thinnest part. The measurement is taken at the level of the navel. We place the centimeter around it, we place it at the level of the navel and there we have the measurement of the waist contour.

D - Hip

We must take the most prominent part of our hips. In this case it is around the widest part of our legs together. There we take the measure.

E - Leg contour

It is done in the widest part of the thigh. We pass the centimeter around one and there we take the measurement.