Copy of Welcome to My Call Center

I'm always thinking of getting closer to you

I'm always thinking about getting closer to you and how to do it in creative and efficient ways to generate more points of contact between you and my brand. For this reason I have decided to open a Call Center. My Call Center is a new line of business where initially and starting today, you can exclusively order the products of the new Flex Collection.


Before calling the Call Center, have your hip, waist, and under-bust measurements ready. When you talk to your operator, explain well what your needs are, so that he can advise you on the exact size of the girdle you need. Remember that the girdle is not the one you want to use, but the one that fits your measurements appropriately

In my Call Center

In my Call Center, you will be able to talk with our operators, experts in girdles and they will be able to help you make the choice of the correct girdle. It is my intention that all the people who call the Call Center and make a purchase, feel happy and well attended, living a life #zerocomplexjos


What is the number of the Call Center?
+1 833-383-6366

What are the Call Center hours?

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

What products can I buy through the Call Center?
Shapewear from the Carolina Sandoval Flex Collection, Wipe Off Makeup Remover and bags to wash the shapewear

How can I see the products in the Flex Collection?
You can see the products in the flex collection by visiting the following link:
To see the full catalog of my products visit:

Can I call the Call Center to ask questions about other products?
Only products from the Flex Collection, Wipe Off Makeup Remover and bags to wash girdles

If I cannot contact the Call Center by phone, is there another way to contact me to purchase the Flex Collection products?
We will always be there to answer calls, this is the only way in which you can contact us, your number will be registered and we can return the call.

Does the Call Center have chat or email?
Has an email is:

What means of payment can I use when I call the Call Center?
Any credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal 

Can the Call Center recommend products or help me with sizes of other products that are not from the Flex Collection?
No, the Call Center will handle an inventory other than the one on the website.If you want products that are not from the Flex Collection, you should visit my page:

When I buy at the Call Center, how long does it take for my package to arrive?
4 to 5 business days

If I live in a country other than the United States, can I buy through the Call Center?
If possible, only that the client must pay for international shipping

How do I do if I want to buy products that are on the website and also a product from the Flex Collection?
You make the purchase of the product you want to buy on the website and then call us at +1 833-383-6366 to buy the other product in the Flex Collection

If I call the Call Center, can you help me with information about purchases I made on the website in the past?
No, but we are working on improvements that will allow us to offer complete sales information. It is currently under development.

Where should I contact if I have a problem with an order I made through the Call Center?
You must contact the Call Center at 786-796-1880 or by writing to the email

Why can't I buy all Carolina products through the Call Center?
Because we have two business units established; one for the website and another for the Call Center with different products

Is it safe to give my credit card details to an unknown person over the phone?
Yes, our work team is highly reliable, in addition, when entering the data, only the last numbers of the card can be seen

How am I sure that my card number is kept securely to prevent other people from using it to commit fraud?
The administrator of the company is the only person to make the payment, we guarantee that the payment is used for one and only time and we work with a closed circuit.

What is the privacy and data protection policy of the Call Center?
100% guaranteed under closed circuit. All calls are recorded for the protection of our clients.

If I make a mistake in the size or color when placing my order through the Call Center, where should I contact?
You must contact the Call Center at 786-796-1880 or by writing to the email

I have tried to call several times and I have not been able to communicate with the Call Center, why?
Because you are calling at a time when the call center is closed or because the operators are taking other customer calls

What should I do to cancel an order that I made through the Call Center?
The order may be canceled, communicating directly to the call center by calling 786-796-1880 or by sending an email to within 12 hours of placing the order. After 12 hours of placing the order, we will not be able to cancel.

How do I return a defective product that I bought through the Call Center?
You must contact the Call Center at 786-796-1880 or by writing to the email

Can I call the Call Center to request information on how to hire Carolina as an influencer?
You must write directly to the email

In the Call Center can you give me information about the Circle of the strip?
For information about the Belt Circle please send an email to info@carosandoval.comFor information about the program you can visit the following link:

If I have a problem with a product that I bought on the website, can I call the Call Center to help me solve it?
The Call Center will not be able to give you information about purchases made on the website, for these questions you must communicate through email

When I place an order in the Call Center, how does the confirmation of my order arrive?
By text message

What shipping method does the Call Center use to send my order?
USPS for shipments within the USA and DHL for international shipments

If my order is lost in the mail, what should I do?
You must notify us immediately at 786-796-1880 so we can track the order and solve

Does the Flex Collection have wholesales?
Yes, send an email to