L.A. wig



This style has no age limit.
It looks perfect on young women as well as mature women.
The bangs can be styled to your liking and need.
It is long enough that it can be styled into a pony or parted, to change your look when you wear it.
My Natural Hair wigs can be styled at high temperatures and chemically treated.

Because the hair in the wigs is not live hair, because it has already been separated from the natural root, the process for color change or chemical treatments is not the same as that done in a beauty salon.
If you want to change the color of your wig or alter it chemically, you should approach a professional who knows about natural hair wig treatments.
By chemically treating them you can get up to a single shade lighter or a single shade darker.

Length: 31 cm (12 inches)

All my wigs come with an application kit that includes:

- Cap, to cover the hair, (2 Units)
- Bandana, to hold the wig, while it acts.
- Fine-tooth comb for styling and styling.
- Glue to stick the lining of the wig to your skin and style fine hair.
- Elastic and clips, to collect the hair.
- Blade to style or trim the hair.
- Spatula and Mini Brush to shape the front part of the hair.
- Mini Brush, to style hair close to the ears.
NOTE: The volume and density of wigs made with Keratin Fibers are greater than the volume and density of wigs made with Natural Hair

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