Latin wig


This beautiful wig has the waves we always dream of, with the perfect volume and length to stylize your face, they go well in any season of the year and will make you look fabulous at any event.  

You can also make different hairstyles such as high or low ponies, braids or combinations of both.
My wigs Keratin fibers,  they can be styled at low medium temperatures and CANNOT be chemically treated.


Length: 46 cm (18 inches)

All my wigs come with an application kit that includes:

- Cap, to cover the hair, (2 Units)
- Bandana, to hold the wig, while it acts.
- Fine-tooth comb for styling and styling.
- Glue to stick the lining of the wig to your skin and style fine hair.
- Elastic and clips, to collect the hair.
- Blade to style or trim the hair.
- Spatula and Mini Brush to shape the front part of the hair.
- Mini Brush, to style hair close to the ears.
NOTE: The volume and density of wigs made with Keratin Fibers are greater than the volume and density of wigs made with Natural Hair