To bathe with cold water so that nothing surprises you !!!

I love hot water, I am one of those who bathes with water "peel chicken" as they say over there, in fact always since I was little my mother would scold me because she told me that from so much bathing with hot water I would get old very quickly and although I do not know if at the end of the day he will be right, but as they say over there "the devil knows more for an old man than for a devil".

Time has continued to pass and I continue with my childhood tricks only with the difference that with the experience that the years and experiences give us, I have learned that nothing like a rich hot shower that ends with a little masochism, that is, in In the middle of my hot water bath I always turn on the cold water tap to get my body used to what we call the unexpected.

It is a therapeutic work that I have used throughout the years to accustom my body to what they call "I fell like a bucket of cold water", when one expects the bad few things surprise you and if they surprise you at least they miss less . It is a bit to wait for the bad first, because if the good comes you are happy, but if the bad comes you already have crocodile skin.

My suggestion my people is that we have our senses wide open because as the years go by we must overcome ourselves and avoid disappointments that make us have emotional lows. Always remember that the years and experiences we accumulate should serve as protection against the circumstances that life presents us.