Worth it...

It is worth taking a walk through my health and the months of the pandemic, in fact I had not written again because I have documented everything you will read in my second book, first God.

Since March of this very particular “2020”, to this month of September I have taken all the necessary measures to stay healthy despite even all the criticism that one receives due to the measures that we decide to adjust to our daily lives. Vitamins have become my best friends. If I used to take them before, now I am in charge of making sure that everyone at home takes all the vitamin complexes available and to be had.
Personally, I have taken care of my immune system since before Covid-19 and now with greater attention.

Within what I call "mandatory quarantine" I was completely locked in until it was necessary to leave; I opened my doors after the contagion figures fell and easier than that when I began to understand that the virus would stay with us for much longer, so much so that there is no probable date to return to normality away from masks and distancing protocols .

Nothing is conclusive, nothing is precise, the only real thing is that the virus will be there and we must live by its side without it touching us. Apparently this damned virus is smarter than a Nobel Prize 🦠👀. This is something unprecedented, because everything that the whole world has been exposed to, since I was on this earth, I had not seen in my life.
What's more, my people, right now when September is ending they speak of rebound in Spain, a place where some cousins live, exactly in Madrid and where, as in other places, people got fed up with abnormality and are making their lives because they prefer this to the months of confinement, This is such a personal decision and it is the result of so many things that have destabilized each area of the life of each and everyone manages it as they see fit.

Yesterday speaking with a friend we came to the conclusion that during this time those who must have had a LOT of work are the psychiatrists, because all this more than affecting the pocketbook and the world economy affected the psyche. Many people resorted to taking their own lives, many lost their lifelong businesses, and others decided to "live" with everything and Covid.

Sometimes I think that even the coronavirus is a matter of attitude, since being happy, exercising and sleeping well are among other elements, those that keep the immune system up. I feel that this issue of the Covid and its handling, the reserves of each person, the care and ways of living it are very personal. 

This is an issue that divides whether politics or religion will be treated, I also know that it has been a test of resistance. The Coronavirus is like that way of showing everyone, how prepared they were for the unexpected, for a contingency this big. God has allowed us to evaluate ourselves, to see the size of our faith and the love we have for others.

Undoubtedly my loves, I don't know how they have handled this, but it is a season of challenges and of being grateful for what we are, what we have and even what we live, because after this we are stronger. And although I regret in my soul all the losses of the thousands and thousands of people who have lost a loved one, I also tell them as the daughter of a man who died unexpectedly, that those blows of life make us understand what we are made of and what we are made of. what we are capable of surviving.

You are resilient, never forget it. They are people with the ability to adapt even to the terrible pain that detachment produces.
At this point I do not know if it is true that this shit virus will knock on every door for exactly being a virus. I will at least continue to fight this virus with my three basic elements to survive: Wash my hands, never stop putting on my mask and strengthen my immune system. OBVIOUS, avoid the virus as much as possible, keep it away and give the body weapons to fight the coronavirus if that is the case.

For me the ideal is not to be infected, but if God wants that to happen I prefer that my body is strong and ready for any challenge.