My most important mission

I start March in the Big Apple from a 22nd floor and thinking about all the good things that are to come and about the great mission that I have in every way.

The truth is that as a human being in general, raising two girls in a changing world full of wonders, but also meanness and people without values, I must as part of my mission educate them so that they live attached to their values above any thing. And when I say anything, I mean in effect the different people who will surround them during their respective path. And beware, even if I want to keep them in a bubble, I can't lie to you that there are good people in the world and not so good ... because the truth be told.

And you may wonder why I woke up thinking these things and the answer is very simple because with everything we are seeing we have to prepare our children spiritually, emotionally and physically. Without a doubt from love, from kindness and with the word compassion ahead.

In fact, I check it when I am before events like the one I witnessed on the plane here. I tell you that I was obviously next to my husband in 1a and 1b when looking to the right I could see the evidence of rudeness in the front row "literally". And of course one cannot confuse being talkative and folkloric with being unpresentable.

Every time I see things like this, I beg God that my daughters know how to choose, know with whom to share what I am forming in their hearts. And I know that God will be like this first so as not to see them next to braggarts recently dressed and loaded with silver, but not with values or respect for others.