And here they have me again on my way home from New York to Miami in 18b.
Here I am looking forward to getting home and looking forward to seeing my daughters. This feeling of thanks for this weekend, but God reassure me and let me get home safely there is so much to do.
Right now there is a bit of turbulence or what I think it is ... I'm actually listening to music and trying to think of other things. This feeling of when I'm on a plane and I'm not in control, this feeling of wanting to get home like a fool. It is that up here everything is in the hands of God and I believe in him under all things.
Well, here I am doing my best not to stop and run inside the plane. In fact, if I'm honest I wasn't like that, it was a phrase Nick said about why he thought the plane had something because it wasn't clearing. Obvious is not that I got creative, but you know one is more dramatic and that he told me that OMG.
Well going back to position 18b here I am and these turbulences have me crazy "our father who am in heaven ... hallowed be your name" I pray that he prays and this stomach that does not lie. I'm sorry for Nick's nerves, but I know that God has many plans for us and our parents with God first are the pilots of this plane.
Has it ever happened to you that you want to avoid eye contact with someone so as not to see the fear in their eyes? That's how I feel about Nick, I feel scared and he's the one who always calms me down. I'm here playing hard and wanting these two hours to pass quickly. And while I eat some popcorn with mm & m I guess everything is fine. Now let's go back in the story to when the neighbor from the post who touched me came out with a nasty for not saying otherwise. One cannot judge people by the first image and what I experienced today is a sample of that.
People smiling look prettier and even if the others are not right (if they read correctly) how good it feels to say "I'm sorry, it was my fault" even if it isn't. A good attitude changes everything, a great attitude changes the world and you know that everything changed the moment the strongest turbulences began and I began to say goodbye to the people of my family for what app hahahaha.
It is that I am the most dramatic of mortals. The fact is that between the time I wanted to urinate and she told me that if I wanted to, I would take care of my purse and all the girls in the row of 17 and 18 we began to interact and the good attitude, the bad reference at the beginning was over.
And minutes after landing in my city of Miami, grateful to God and for the experience, I just want to run and hug my dolls and tell them how much I miss them. By the way the girl from 18b says goodbye with "b" for good and cheap hahahaajjj ... we are going to land.