Turbulence ... From Athens to London

I am on a plane from Athens to London there is a bit of turbulence and I do not deny that I try to think of something else so that my nerves do not wake up.
In the distance you can hear a baby crying and I know perfectly well what the mother feels because I have lived it. I also see how rich my husband sleeps and what a success it is to be him and the blonde girl he took next door. Me to the rhythm of "I must been love" and these phrases I try to forget that there is turbulence. And well I am also looking for a metaphor for what we sometimes experience in our lives when we have problems that sometimes seem like turbulence. The truth is that in my case "the turbulences" of life have taught me to be stronger, to be able to understand that whoever is happy has stained sadness and to heal any wound quickly because everything in this life is temporary ... the good and the bad.
As I type I blink, I almost fell asleep again and a tummy ache wants to show, but I don't think about it. My mother sees me smiling and it is inevitable that she thinks of my beautiful daddy who I know is happy from heaven to see how we are. I can't deny that I miss him actually arriving at the airport in London reminds me of him. Everything reminds me of him, but in this London airport where I will arrive to board the plane that will take me to Miami, I remember when I arrived in London to learn English and I called home to ask every day that they will deposit more money ... they were good times, of the best.
But hey here and a little more distracted talking with my mother and then waiting to land to make our connecting flight and get home after crossing the pond.