With the right foot

We always listen when each year begins that we have time to start, to analyze, to reinvent ourselves, to make those radical changes that we know we must make to change the results and sometimes we let the days go by and we wait for that precise day that never comes.
What is holding us back? What is sabotaging us ??? Have we searched within ourselves for those answers? Surely, because there is no one who knows us better than ourselves. My suggestion and it is an exercise that I am putting into practice from today is not to demand too much of ourselves, but to let everything flow because it is undoubted that everything that is imposed and seen as an obligation is what we do reluctantly.
The issue of eating better, beyond looking handsome has to do with health; the financial issue is an important issue and to take it seriously because if we are not aware, nobody will do it for us; Putting our purposes on paper or on our cell phones can be a good idea; Another point is the family issue, we must know that we are not going to change anyone and that the best battle is the one that does not happen, let us allow tolerance, kindness, patience and even play dumb when necessary; With regard to work, avoid discomfort and be grateful that we have a job and strive to be a smiling, happy person and choose our battles, nothing is so important as to lose peace.
Talk less and listen more that I want to be my watchword this year; to be better for me, to be able to surpass myself and to know that my best friend is me, no one can help one more than oneself with the power of God in our hearts. Well that's what life is about
Live, let live, do not trip over the same stone and do not fix what has not been broken. Hopefully in these 366 days that this year gives us we will be who we always dreamed of being. Longings of a dreamer who continues to learn every day on this path called life !!!