What are we becoming ?

Sometimes I see the levels of violence around the world and I am shocked. See how a problem cannot be solved in a civilized way, but ends in someone's death.

Each news program with which it begins its broadcasts is with cases where happy marriages become enemies and someone dies, in fact that violence does not seem to discriminate in social classes, races or ages.

On one occasion the murder of a girl that was recorded and posted on Facebook and of course went viral left me scared by the kind of morbid that even the murderer put his bloody act on. They were boyfriends, couple, lived together and end everything with that level of aggressiveness.

Or also the murder of La Niña Yuliana in Colombia, carried out by an architect of high society, left the world with a deep sadness because who can be cruel in that way with a little angel who was just beginning to dream. I no longer know if movies are copied from reality or if fiction becomes reality. And so stories of cases.

Yesterday in a shopping center where I often go there was a murder-suicide and I still cannot believe it since it is a calm, quiet place, in a part of the city that is characterized by being a beautiful area without risks (supposedly ). 

Every week my daughters and I go to Merrick Park to enjoy my baby's classes and my oldest daughter and I take advantage of buying makeup or eating ice cream with other friends. In fact, yesterday in a period of time, more or less at noon, I began to receive messages from my sister first, from other moms, from all over the world, asking me if I was okay and it really scared me when my sister who works in a The hospital told me what was happening in the mall where I spend it.

A boy whom everyone seemed to have as a person of good character and charismatic appeared at the gym facilities where he worked and from whom he had been fired with a weapon and opened fire on several people. I was very shocked by the degree of violence, because nothing justifies the murder of someone. So many people who were in danger, families who were in the mall having lunch, mothers who like me went to Gymboree for baby classes. It is as if the world is really ending because nothing justifies the violent death of another being.

I only ask my God to see every corner of the world with eyes of pity because in Venezuela they ruthlessly kill students who continue to defend their ideals, in Syria the government itself murders children and here in the United States we have continued to witness the murderers in movie theaters, universities, colleges that come with guns and shoot everything that walks and stops you from counting; really if we keep making the list we won't stop.

It is unusual, I have no words to continue expressing my anguish, because I am the mother of two girls, one 13 years old and the other 9 months old, and this world seems to be lacking values, compassion, kindness and tolerance; And although I am a bit of a dreamer and I think that we are more good than bad, I cannot cover the sun with one finger. I wish with all my heart that this human misery is over and that each heart is touched with the divine light of the almighty and gives us wisdom to deal with so much reality.