More divos than Divo de Juárez himself

Throughout my years in the entertainment world, I have seen everything and when I say everything it is "everything".
Today I want to talk about an issue that has always caught my attention and it is the case of those who surely wanted to be famous and never made it and decided to become in some cases their right hand and / or publicist or manager.
While it is true that managing advertising and marketing are some of the wonders of communications, it can also be the opposite; because what is an art from my point of view, these people of whom I am speaking precisely do not have art because in various and repeated cases the "divism" with which they develop is unusual.
Of course, making one or another exception because I know many people who work as publicists and they are very people, very friendly, qualities that can never be lacking, I believe in no person who takes an artist by the hand for this show business. And do you know why I say it? Indeed for those who feel that they have God grabbed by the goat and in a
one hundred percent of the cases must be the most frustrated and saddest beings on the planet. In fact it is the people who perhaps damage the reputation of a famous person. 
One as a journalist perhaps has the vice of supposing that the antipathy comes from the artist when in most cases and I tell them with a basis, it comes from these beings that although they are the connection between the communicators and them (the famous ones) also They may be the ones that keep you from having any contact with someone who may be wonderful, but the darkness of these beings dulls them.
I even tell you an anecdote.I have had to see people with whom I started my career almost more than twenty years ago and it causes me to laugh in their faces for their shameful attitude when accompanying a celebrity to a red carpet or some food, event, prize and you stop counting.
The case and the moral of this matter and it is a little what I always say daily, when one in any job that he performs stops being humble and pleasant is when in essence you need the most important thing to be the best street sweeper, the singer more stuck, the most sought after shoemaker, painter or whatever "humanity" is, that to which one says "good people".
It is more for that reason at present I prefer to surround myself with people perhaps more "people" than talented, because talent develops, but whether or not you are a good person, not half. And be careful everyone has their perception of things, I do not intend to change anyone. I go back and repeat there are publicists and managers of managers ... and before someone says it, let the coat drop on whoever has it. But how ugly that those who instead of magnifying the environment make new generations think that to be part of the machinery of an artist's team you must be according to them: hateful, with a lost look, with a face that everything smells bad and rude by not responding to a greeting, email and / or call.
Of course, when it is the other way around, things change because if they call we must feel that "Saint Peter" himself is calling us. Oh my people, as Andres Eloy Blanco used to say "What you have to be is good and not say you are good."