Things that go through my head ...

Today talking with people I have known for years we touch on the myth that exists related to people who work in television and their standard of living.

Sometimes it seems so funny to me to think that I once thought the same and today I am part of the people who work on "TV" and I give FAITH that we are normal and ordinary people. People who have the same problems as a lady who works in a bank or even a man who sells newspapers.

The only difference between people who work on TV and people who are not is that we are public and that everything is in the light in a more obvious way. It is true that when the years go by, the fruit of what was worked is collected, but it is the same in other media. Do not be fooled or impressed by everything you see and / or hear. I know of many that to maintain a standard of living they get into things that they cannot pay, in houses that they cannot turn around and stop counting !!!!

I think that at this point in my life what I like the most is the contact with people, the affection of the people who use our stories as motivation. And that is why I tell you not to idolize anyone, we are all the same regardless of the work we do.  

And by the way thank you for following me and for being aware of my things, believe me that it is an honor to have you. I had NOT written here for a long time, but I am here again.