The one with the brown eyes

A few days ago I had an experience that I do not wish on anyone.
Last Saturday, like every day, I woke up ready for my activities and after having spent all morning on the computer I decided to go to my yoga class. Before going to yoga, I stopped by the bathroom to put on my contact lenses. Lenses that he used only cosmetic and not for a condition. When I put on the glasses I felt as if lemon had fallen into my eyes and of course I took them off to clean them, put them back on and go to my class.
As I went to my class my vision was blurry, but I assumed it would have to do with the weather and never with what would actually happen hours later. That day I did my normal yoga class, in fact that class is a very special class because it is about relaxation and restructuring. As I left class and got into my car, the feeling of "blurred or cloudy vision" continued to bother me. I even went to the supermarket and although I did not feel 100 percent, I did my shopping and that's it.
When I got home, I immediately told my sister and daughter what was wrong with what they both thought was a passenger like me. After eating, the discomfort continued and thirty minutes later I could hardly look at anything. It was exasperating, honestly it has been one of the worst things that have happened to me in life.
Well, although I had any allergies or conjunctivitis before, nothing compared to what I felt. As I was already in the emergency room at the Bascom Palmer, a hospital specializing in vision, the white light did not allow me to open my eyes.
In order not to keep telling you a long story, when the first nurse sees me, she does my routine exams and measures my eye pressure after placing a few drops of anesthesia and I couldn't see any font size.
Hours later the pain was almost unbearable from 1 to 10 (11), that is to say, I felt that I literally fainted from the pain. It was like needles inside the eyes. The first nurse who saw me was very pretty, as were all the staff who received me, but I will not forget her because even though I don't know what she looks like because I couldn't see her, I listened very well to what she told me in the middle of my crisis "You have beautiful eyes, you don't need any plastic to put your sight at risk".
And his words were a call because I was in that situation out of vanity. For a vanity that I had nurtured for a long time, because I used colored lenses as part of my Look and that caused my eyes to tire.
When the doctor saw me in an intelligent and respectful way, followed by other tests, he told me that the eye was protecting me and that is why I could not open it. I point out that I had scraping from my corneas and that since it was in the most superficial layer, although there was a lot of pain, that would regenerate itself. The only option was complete rest, close the eyes, sleep and zero anesthesia for pain because it could have side effects.
The case my people is that never in my life have I had as much eye exam as up to now and I had not felt pain more indescribable than this. Today from reflection and a week after what happened I learned the lesson. A lesson that, thank God, has a happy ending, but that could have been worse because of my irresponsibility when it comes to mistreating my eye with a foreign body for so long.
I would spend endless hours with my tinted glasses on. I slept, went to my massages, spinning and yoga with them slowly causing what happened to me. My mom was angry with me because she never tired of telling me that she had given birth to me healthy with perfect, beautiful eyes and although they were not green like my father's they were brown and with which she had learned to read and see the world . I have cried, reflected and evolved, and they know that I feel with one less weight on my shoulders because now I am naked with the mirror of the soul clean and clear. I love you very much and spread the word so that nothing so serious happens to anyone else because of something so superfluous.
Signature Carolina Sandoval the one with the brown eyes.