Life is like a soccer game

Every day that passes analyzing what we live daily and about this season of the World Cup I start to compare life with a football match. Do you know how many times we go to a field wanting to win the game and the opponent has more experience or a better game strategy?

How many times have they not felt that they are given a yellow card unfairly and including how many times have their mother not wanted to mention that character who appears in our lives and seems like a referee?

The fact is that as we see in this era of football there is no game that cannot be won without doing great teamwork. Teamwork is essential because without a doubt we cannot carry out a great play in our lives without someone who will prepare the way for us to score the goal.

In each opportunity of this World Cup that I saw the Colombian team playing, I was pleasantly pleased to see that their scorer (to call him in some way) James Rodriguez made great plays for his teammates and then finished off and scored his goals. The humility and camaraderie of the Colombians among each and every one of them have led them to stay forever as an example for other teams that only make their men "stars" appear.

Likewise, right now the other side of the coin comes to mind that in life it is very common to meet. In daily life, as well as on soccer fields, there are many people who, like many soccer players and national teams that I will not mention, resort to playing dirty and do whatever it takes until the last consequences to achieve their goal. Objective that is not realized because whoever acts badly cannot do well.

I think a classic that will remain in everyone's memory is the bite that the Uruguayan Luis Suárez gave to the other player from his opposing team from Italy. These types of actions accompanying them with the things that happen to us on the true "field" that is life are those situations that also happen daily. And although we are not going to react aggressively or turning the other cheek, we must be attentive to the aggressor so that he does not surprise us.

This is when we should practice what in theory our "life" coaches have told us, those beings of light that in this case are our mother or father in order to carry out a fair and fair game. I adore football for the passion with which I see both the fans and the players live each play, each "almost goal" in those 90 minutes. And if we think about it, sometimes we only have a short time to score our goals and make our best plays, in our day to day and although not as little as ninety minutes, but as little as to make the time that God wants us to be. in this field of life playing and doing what we should, which is to live fully and happily.

And do you know what is most important? enjoy the game. My premise is to leave the soul in our best goals and if it were the case of having to cry because sometimes we have to lose, do it with the humility and conviction that there is always a way to correct our misplaced plays. Never forget our red cards, it is essential, but living with the tranquility of someone who plays fair sooner or later goes well. And very important "the ball is round" and you never know.