This seems much more than a dream, a nightmare

I cannot hide from you the shock I received while I finished spending a wonderful afternoon with my daughter. There I was on my way to visit a friend of my princess who had just undergone surgery when I received a message from my sister saying: "Robin Williams dies and apparently it is suicide."

I swear I had to park because the impression was so great. I don't know if because of his death or because of the way in which he decided to die. And although many say that from so much internal loneliness and depression he had already died a bit, I think that that wonderful being who made us laugh, cry, dance and sing internally struggled due to social pressure. Today I couldn't help but remember everything that one of his dramatizations means to me.

For those who know me they know that I had a great love, I even KNOW that in another life we will be together. He and I said to each other, "Mork and Mindy." And it was exactly because of a character that Robin Williams played. And what about a movie that for me remained a classic in my memory and is very much my perception. In "Beyond Dreams" Robin made us reflect on the theme of death and the way we live. Today surprised and even a little confused by this sad disappearance. God has allowed ROBIN to have an encounter with God in that last moment of life.

Let us pray for all those people who today go through a similar situation.