Today here thinking !!!

I have a lot that I do not write and without a doubt the reason why I have not written is because every time I was about to do it the muse would go for a walk. Today I do not know if it is the muse who came to wake me up, but I must admit that seeing my daughter sleeping next to me and remembering the now so named Maya, made me think about what Maya is thinking, who has not seen her for so many days. Mommy.

The case of Monica Spear does not leave my head, my body, I think this has been a hard start to the year for Venezuelans and for any inhabitant of the world who has feelings. On Three Kings Day I swear to you that I had a wonderful time, since I live in the United States my Mexican friends have made me part of their traditional party of "the rosca de reyes" and just think that that was the day in which some criminals They took the lives of full-life parents makes the body feel like milk.

God, I only think of that five-year-old girl who today already has seven days without seeing her parents with whom she was on vacation. What is she thinking, what is she being told when she asks. It is that they always say that children ask difficult questions and without a doubt I think this will be the most complicated answer to answer Maya.

You have to be a being without light and with a great lack of love to steal the lives of some people for material things, for things that are bought with money, which is worth nothing. I ask God from the depths of my being to enlighten my Venezuela, to make it possible for parents to calmly do what Monica Spear and her husband were doing, which was traveling through Venezuela by car visiting wonderful places, but today day is a death sentence.

Peace and lots of light to the souls of the popes of Maya. Monica and Thomas have only physically left, they will remain in the memory forever of all of us who, without having spoken a word, consider them to be angels on earth. I would not have wanted to start my blog this year talking about such sad things, but I know that God has a purpose for all of us and as Monica Spear herself said, we are going to leave everything in the hands of Almighty God.