That Internal Alarm

In the quiet of my house and from my bed I hear a small noise that comes from the alarm that they put in the houses in case of smoke ... I think the battery is running out, but the constant sound is a reminder of those things that keep me awake and literally leave me sleepless part of the morning. The sound does not stop and I really have to change that battery and also my way of receiving news.

Throughout my life I have been fragile when it comes to receiving what we call bad news and the honest truth is that I have a week affected by the world news that has everyone rethinking life.
I really think that now is when Kobe Bryant becomes more than a legend, because even after his death he is helping society. Incredible that someone can do so much for so many with the things they said, with which they did, and well, one of the many things that I have found on the networks confirms my philosophy of life. He commented in a video how fundamental it is "to love what one does, because that makes a difference."

And then while my alarm continues to bother and I cough, my little daughter asks me if I'm okay while she hugs me and I respond more or less. The case is my people, let's use those internal alarms that we have to see what we would like to modify in our daily lives and what we can work on to have more effective relationships with others.

I leave you, I'm going to continue with my thing and you?