Today is the only thing that exists

Today as every day I not only woke up with that magical feeling that it would be a great day but a day full of activity.
I confess that I have no agenda, I am one of those who let the day go by itself. Sometimes I am surprised how the passing of the day itself carries me along. Today I was especially awakened by the beautiful sound of the bells that begin to ring at 8 in the morning, I smiled, I saw that it was something late and unusual that I woke up at that time and I said to myself: "whatever God wants."
I woke up my daughter and I swear that everything else was happening. The case my people is that I went to the Gym and while I was running and listening to the radio I knew that the day had an endless number of activities prepared for me, all moved by the hand of God.
Today when I almost went to sleep I not only thank you for so much but for how impressive God is with me. I only ask that God continue to give me the strength to keep my FAITH intact. And as long as it is what God wants.