The envy

Hello my loves, how are you? I'm fine and here at 5 in the morning on a Monday wrapped in my thoughts and thanking God first for mine, for their health and for having them with me ... and also while I thank God I wonder when it became fashionable go to a stranger to ask how he makes a living or where he gets money for his travels.

In truth, one of the things that I thank God the most is that they didn't raise me with envy for anything and that people who live with that feeling must be very unhappy. Can you imagine what it is to live to walk after the bones of everyone who works full for their dreams?

Oh God, you have to be very good for nothing and unoccupied to spend your valuable time on that. In fact, I was talking the other day with a friend and we were telling each other how happy it made us to do something for someone and make them smile, it is like finding out why one came to this world.

Now if you start to analyze the sad panorama of someone who only lives to envy someone "how sad." Of course, in the vineyard of the Lord there is everything. What is clear to me is that someone who asks me personally "how have I read it over there" where do I get money to travel is that or does not follow me and not my dynamics and everything I do or simply She is frustrated or frustrated that since she does not put her creativity to work or cannot do anything for herself, she spends that time on me.

And although many will say that this is the price for opening my life, I think that no one has the right to be aware of where and how another person achieves what they do and less if they do not have a purpose in life ...

But well my loves, this is the world and the best way to get infected with that toxic thing is by living with God in your heart, thanking and asking our Lord to take all that out of our way.