Let's talk about the opportunities ..., about those wonders that God offers us daily and because we are distracted, we let go.

Sometimes I see many people put aside things that may change their life and / or improve it forever. And when I see that I wonder why? Of course, there comes sanity and experience and they tell me from my head: "Look, my queen, what the ego does." And well, I only ask God to keep us away from that, because although we have fallen into this type of temptation by the bad ego advisor, from now on I tell you that I have seen many people lose "chances of life" by not focusing their energy on what God is putting in their noses.

And I want to delve into this in a respectful way because throughout all this time, for example on TV, I see that when perhaps one observes that a person is very talented, but little capable of lowering his pretenses, it is that he is not watching carefully What there is!!! Let me explain: you are talented, God has rewarded you with doing what you like, somehow you enjoy what you have worked for years, but your bad character, your unpleasant way of treating others does not allow you to communicate effectively and you stop telling ... obviously you are missing opportunities that were designed for you and without noticing you are letting go.

If you who are reading my blog are reading further, I invite you to read between the lines, that you do not allow the ego to possess you and that you focus on receiving the message that the universe sends you! Ah I forgot that you do not leave bad impressions wherever you go because believe me that people usually remember the bad ...

Deli and happy day