Why does money separate people? Ah?

Why does money separate people if there are things that we cannot obtain with money?
Why, when someone gets divorced, everything has to do with money, if in fact the hugs and the thousands of nights they made love are not paid for with money. The time invested is priceless; even thinking about when parents discuss child support it shouldn't have to do with money because we are supposed to think that for children not all the treasure in the world is enough.

As it is possible that a person's offense, humiliation or slander has to do with money when if we analyze further, a moral, emotional and / or spiritual damage has no way of being remedied or not at least with money, I think In any case, it is a great work of the effect on forgiveness because when someone hurts you with reference to morals or principles, it is difficult to find a way to repay the sleepless nights, tears and discomfort in general.

Why everything has to do with money when in reality "when you get the formula to make money without costing you gray hair, hair loss or gastritis" is a blessing that God gave so that you can enjoy what you deserve. . .

Why does it all have to do with money when you found what you wanted to do? Why does your dream job have to do with money if supposedly what you love to do so much you would even do it for free in an “ideal world”.

If we put into a balance what insomnia costs and what peace of mind costs, what would you do, which would you decide for? I have thought about why money separates families if, in reality, when a loved one leaves, one wishes to be able to pay whoever it was to give it back to you.

Why in court the money that a “father” owes to a son is discussed if in reality what matters is that the father has not been with his son on museum visits, homework afternoons, not counting parties birthday and Christmas they did not share.

In fact, if you read this far, you will say: "How romantic and cheesy Carolina" and I would understand because there they say that in business there is no time to be moved or for friendship or the emotional part and I refuse to think that because I have money or to do more I must become a stone or a robot.

Really why does everything in life have to do with money? Moreover, I start to think that if your best friend will actually charge you for the thousands of hours that you have heard a problem, not even the treasury could pay such a debt ... That would actually be a foreign debt, as it has done the role of psychologist without any other benefit than your smile, your peace of mind and your hugs on his birthday.

And by the way I wonder what I am doing at 5:46 am on a Wednesday writing about why money separates people ??!