• What are we becoming ?

    Sometimes I see the levels of violence around the world and I am shocked. See how a problem cannot be solved in a civilized way, but ends in someone's death.
  • More divos than Divo de Juárez himself

    Throughout my years in the entertainment world, I have seen everything and when I say everything it is "everything".
    Today I want to talk about an issue that has always caught my attention and it is the case of those who surely wanted to be famous and never made it and decided to become in some cases their right hand and / or publicist or manager.
  • Going the extra mile is what guarantees success

    On several occasions I have told you that in my move to the United States, like many, I had to keep my journalist degree for a while and perform different trades to be able to eat, pay rent, and, as someone say, get a taste of being an "immigrant" difficult thing of yes.
  • To bathe with cold water so that nothing surprises you !!!

    I love hot water, I am one of those who bathes with water "peel chicken" as they say over there, in fact always since I was little my mother would scold me because she told me that from so much bathing with hot water I would get old very quickly and although I do not know if at the end of the day he will be right, but as they say over there "the devil knows more for an old man than for a devil".